Friday, December 5, 2014

Ahh, Finals!

Tips to Help Get Through Finals
 Finals are just about to begin, or for some are just starting. What a not so wonderful time of year...Here are some things I do when I'm stressed out that help me get through the last few weeks of the semester, with FINALS. These may vary for some, but are just a few things that I find help!
1. Get a good nights sleep
Trust me, sleep makes all the difference. It gives your head a rest and your body some time to re-charge. If you can't sleep late at night, take a nap during the day. Any little bit of extra sleep will help. This will help your studying so much more. You will learn better when your not exhausted and running on little rest. Take this bit of time for your self and hit the books when your awake, feeling recharged and fresh. 

2. Take a bath or long shower
Whenever I am really stressed out, I like to take 30 minutes to myself and have a hot bath. I use a bath bomb or bath oils to really keep me calm. No matter what you need to bath, so you might as well take this time to relax while doing so. I like to play 'Zen' or 'Ocean' music and shut my data off. Sounds funny I know, but trust me, this puts my body into full relaxation mood and I feel 10 times better when I come out. 

3. Caffeine 
No I am not talking about slamming down a red bull before an all nighter. I mean soothing tea or coffee when you wake up or during the middle of your day. It's a nice pick me up and especially since its getting cold this always helps warm me up and reminds me to breathe for a second. I’ve been loving the Tazo Calm Tea lately, its not strong and has no caffeine but really warms my insides. When I really need a break, I head to a coffee shop to get a latte as the espresso really helps. Its also a nice way to get out of the house and get some fresh air. I recommend you do this when you need too! Don't stay inside for a week... 
4. Music
Music will honestly help anything. I love putting on soft acoustic or instrumental music when I'm studying. Something about light background music helps me focus, rather then complete silence. When there is complete silence I find myself thinking I hear things and that distracts me. I always head to 8tracks and type in "Study" or "Relax", they always hook me up with a great play list!

5. Don't Sweat It 
Remember this is just one exam. If you've done your classwork throughout the year and attended class, then your half way there. Don't let one exam consume your life. Life is beautiful, plan your study time accordingly and get outside and enjoy it. When its all said and done, there is no better feeling then passing in that final exam, regardless of the outcome.  

Good Luck!


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