Tuesday, February 9, 2016



is right around the corner, 
If you are celebrating with your loved one, girlfriends or watching Netflix in bed on your couch,
you neeeed to try these treats!
They are super easy to make & so instagram worthy. 


1 package of pretzel rods
White chocolate melts
Heart Shaped Sprinkles
Melt chocolate melts, 30 seconds at a time a 7 power level on your microwave so it does not burn 
Grab pretzel rod
Dip rod into white chocolate melts, covering the top half
Roll in sprinkles
Place on tray with tin foil or parchment paper
Place in fridge to harden


Friday, February 5, 2016




Milk ( I used 1% & it was fine) 
Ice-cream, duh
White Chocolate Melts
Milk Chocolate
Skor Pieces
White Chocolate
Whip Cream 
Mason Jason 

Honestly anything your mom wouldn't let you have as a kid would work! Be creative!

Milkshake Recipe: 
1/3 cup of Milk
1 3/4 cup of Ice-cream 
Blend until smooth! 

These were so fun to make, not to mention they taste amazing & take desert to a whole new level! This would be so fun to make for a party or get together, its way different from a typical cake or cookies your mom would make. If you recreate these, #bakingwithcass or tag me @roseblvdblog I would love to see what you guys make! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this treat! 
Talk soon,
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Getting fit & Looking Good
I have always enjoyed exercising and yoga but this year Ive decided to put together a set workout schedule, I go 3-4 times a week, giving myself a couple of rest days. Now I'm not working out because I need to lose a lot of weight, even though a few pounds never hurts! I am beginning to get more serious for mental health and feeling good. 

I am a type A, who gets stressed over everything so trying to exercise more and step into a new environment has really began to help. I am super fortunate that I have a gym in my building for easy access. Since I am a student, paying for a gym membership is not a top priority. You don't need a gym in order to de-stress, I always did yoga in my room before I had any access to a gym. Even the little things such as going for a walk or run can really help. I also choose to take the stairs at school or work, for some extra booty help. Taking the stairs and walking is something I am custom too, living in downtown Toronto. Without a car, I walk everywhere which really helps as well.

To help me stay motivated I write down my gym schedule weeks in advance, so when I'm planning around my day, its already there. Once I'm finished at the gym, I come home and check it off. Checking items off my list is so rewarding for me, it makes me feel accomplished, stress free and organized.

Workout Wear
Honestly, Sporty Spice was always my favourite growing up. 2016 is the year for sport chic, and I totally dig it. I am obsessed with sneakers, patterned leggings & making workout wear work as an outfit. Kendall Jenner is killing the game with the best workout outfits right now & it keeps me so inspired. So if you aren't into working out, who cares just rock some workout gear & no one will ever know. 

Here are some items on my workout wish list right now!

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