Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter Essentials

Here are some of my must haves for the winter season. Living in a climate where bundling up is your only option, I tend to have a lot of items that keep me warm. What are your favourite winter essentials? Leave a comment down below xo



Urban Outfitters




Urban Outfitters






Friday, January 24, 2014

Travel Makeup Bag

Hey Everyone!
For those always on the go and who are traveling soon, I thought I would show you what my travel bag looks like. I plan on heading on vacation very soon so this is the all the makeup I would bring with me and would be set for a week. If you are only traveling for a few days, feel free to leave some of the products out so you are not caring everything you own. When I travel, I tend to only pack the stuff I know I will use. I don't like feeling overwhelmed on vacation with all the makeup I bring. I narrowed it down with all my essentials, hope y'all enjoy! 

     I make sure when I'm traveling to pack my essential every day makeup. I don't like to bring new products with me or ones that I have yet to try, just in case it breaks my skin out which is not good when you're on a vacay! I always bring a primer, foundation and concealer. Sometimes, it's good to bring an eye brightening concealer for when you have early mornings and late nights. It keeps you looking awake and fresh! For powder I usually only bring one setting powder, a bronzer and a blush. I pick the most versatile blush that I know I could use everyday. The one I choose was 'Nars Orgasm". This way,  your makeup bag isn't full of different shades that you probably won't end up using. 

     For my eyes, I like to keep things pretty simple. Mascara and eye linear are a MUST. Since I'm packing for vacation, it's always good to bring these in waterproof formulas. This way, it can last all day from water, in the sun or out all night. An eye shadow primer is also important if you want your shadow to last all day. 'Cause who wants to spend all day retouching up their makeup on vacation anyway?  Primer will lock your shadows in place for a long time wear. I find it best to bring one of your favourite eye pallets. Mine is the Naked Basics Pallet, its a great everyday makeup with matte shades and one shimmer. But, for nights out I like to bring the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Barley Branded'. This is great for a quick & long wear shimmer to your eye. 


Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY: Canvas Bull

Glitter Bull 

The modern trend of mixing masculine and feminine has had an up spring these past couple of years, along with the animal trend. Hanging decorative moose heads, antlers and skulls have become less country and more modern. This a cheap and easy DIY and a great way to add edge to any room. Feel free to use any design or glitter of your choice, be creative! 

  • Canvas (any size you would like)
  • Stencil of Bull 
  • Pencil 
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Modpoge/Glue
  • Glitter

1. Once you have all the supplies you need, start off by cutting out your stencil. You can use any stencil or image you would like. It may not fit on your canvas perfectly so don't worry, I ended up free handing the design just by making it bigger to fit the canvas.

2.  Lay your stencil on the canvas, then outline it lightly in pencil. Outline the stencil a bit bigger on your canvas so it fits the size more proportionately. I measured my canvas using a ruler, horizontally and vertically in order to find the centre. Once I found the centre, I placed my stencil in the middle and began to draw. 


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Good As Gold

My Top Drugstore Winter Nail Polishes

I'm totally in love with all the nail polishes that come out in the winter. You get to play with dark colours, sparkles and metallics. Essie is my favourite drugstore brand offering long wear polish and trendy colours in every collection for an affordable price. Here are some of my favourite nail polishes this winter!
What are your favourites? Leave an answer in the comments below, I would love to know! xo

Midnight Cami

Beyond Cozy

Vanity Fairest

Good As Gold


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Daze

Having a lazy winter day? Well it's monday and for me... its the laziest day of my week. Some days, you just want to roll out of bed and put minimal effort in getting ready. So, here is a really easy look for those people who hit the snooze button more than once. I am not as fortunate to live in a warm climate, so right now I have to bundle up and keep warm. Anyways, I decided to show what my monday morning looks like and how I style a winter outfit for comfort and warmth, while still looking stylish! This is an effortless look that is good for chillin' at home or out running errands! Here is a peak into my monday morning! 

 For all you tea lovers out there, I've been obsessed with "Beautiful Foolishness" white tea from Sahara Tea. Check it out here if you're interested!

Scarf : Urban Outfitters

Plaid Flannel : Urban Outfitters

Coat : Wilfred

Leather Pants : HM

Booties : Aldo

Bag : Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

Inside Comfort

Hope you all enjoyed a peek into my monday morning and how I dress for the freezing climate I live in!
If you have any questions, feel free to comment! 
Thanks y'all xo