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     {February Favourites}
Hellooo Everyone!
February is coming to an end! I feel like this month flew by but I am so excited that Spring is on its way! Here are a few products and clothing items that I have been loving the entire month of February! If you would like to hear me talk about these products, head over to the video on my new Youtube Channel!
Hope you all had a wonderful month, and we will talk again soon! xx 

The first product I have been loving has been this Lancome Cleanser & Moisturizer. I have trouble with acne, and I have found a dramatic improvement ever since I have been using these products. The cleanser is a cream-foam cleanser, and a little goes a long way! I love how gentle the product is on my skin and how well it cleans my skin. This cleanser also removes makeup. I usually take my makeup off first with a makeup whip and then go in with my cleanser to deep clean. This has totally tamed my redness in my skin and keeps it extremely smooth. 
The Moisturizer is Oil-Free and absorbs in to the skin within seconds. I feel like I waste no product when I use this because it absorbs so fast. Its great if you are in a hurry and need to put makeup on right away. It's also very light weight, you don't even realize you have it on! Love these products together. 

I feel like this product is always raved about, probably because it is so amazing! I honestly can't say anything bad about this mascara. I am sooo in love with the brush and how it creates my lashes to look full and long! I Need the full size ASAP. Love this product.

Rimmel London, Eastend Snob Lip Linear 
Your lips, but better. Lip linear from the drugstore has been my go-to! Perfect for running to class and on the go. I love the colour all over my lips. By adding chap stick over top it keeps the colour lasting and moisturized all day long. I love pairing this with nude/mauve lipsticks over top to create a more in depth lip colour. Perfect drugstore lip linear, you must try it out! 

This eyeliner is super high end and I received this in a bundle with a  bunch of others over Christmas! I have been saving it untill the last because I was scared I would love it, and I have fallen in love! This gel linear is perfect for those on the go and don't have time to go over, and over your black eye linear to create the look you want! This linear glades on your eyes, it is super gentle and pigmented! I love how their is a twist up on the bottom so you do not need to sharpen this. Also, the packaging is on point!! I love everything about it, modern, sleek & sexy. Could we expect anything less? 

This pallet includes; twenty eye shadows, two blushes, one bronzer, one highlighter & three brushes. Pretty Great! I have been loving this pallet because it has everything you need it in. I like using it when I travel so I can just bring this one pallet that has everything I need in it. The eye shadows are so versatile they have matte colours, shimmer colours and brights as well! You can create so many looks using them. They are also super soft and blend out nicely as well. Even though this pallet it limited edition, I know they sell some of their products individually and by themselves, so check that out if you are interested! You can also buy this pallet on amazon as well. Oh my god, I am also in love with the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. It is amazing and the perfect bronzer for my skin tone. It has no shimmer, does not come off orange, and is really easy to blend!

" Que, Holy Grail song" 
Moroccan Oil. Ladies, you all need this in your life! Your hair will stay so healthy and super soft after every wash. Even my hairdresser mentions how healthy my ends look when I visit her twice a year. It is all thanks to this product. It is totally a must for me and is honestly a favourite for life. If you are skeptical of spending the money on a hair product, think of it as an investment. This will last you forever. I wash my hair every other day, sometimes every three days. I only use one pump and put it through my ends. I have had this for about a year and just reached the half way mark! Keep in mind my hair is long and thick so you may need less each time as well! Try it out if you haven't already! 

Perfect, beachy & loose waves are created when using this wand. It heats up in a matter of seconds and keeps your hair soft and smooth after every curl. This has been my go-to curling wand lately, I have been using this every time I curl my hair. You can create tighter or looser curls depending on how long you keep each piece wrapped around. This product does come with a glove so you won't burn your hands! I love this curling wand, I can do my hair in less than 20 minutes which is perfect for anyone who hates spending hours on their hair. (hi, that's me!)  This is still in perfect condition & I have had it for over a year now. 

Pleather Pants. 
You are probably so sick of me wearing these and talking about these. I can't help it though, they are SO soft and comfortable and I always find my self wearing them. Plus I found these on sale at Zara for 20$!! Knew I had to get them. I am a huge fan of leather, I think it dresses up an outfit and creates edge to your look! These pants can be paired with sneakers, heels or flats, pretty much anything! They make you look like you tried harder than you did as well! Love it.

The bigger the scarf, the better. 
Oh and is that colour? YES. I have been stealing this scarf from my mom whenever I get the chance, I love it. Well I did pick it out for Christmas one year, maybe that's why! (haha). The colour goes so well with all the dark colours I wear in the winter time. All of my jackets are dark so this really stands out and adds a nice colour without being too much. You can wear this around your neck or have it long, since it is rectangle. Probably my favourite type of scarfs since they are sooo versatile. 
Check out Zara for all of their scarves they always have different patters and colours to choose from for a reasonable price! 

Hope you all enjoyed reading this! xx 

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