Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Breakfast at Tiffany's 
Audrey Hepburn inspired Halloween costume! 

Quick and Simple Costume
You can easily create this costume with items you already have. I am using this Aline dress with a head crown and pearls to start. By adding the cigarette holder and gloves, your look is almost complete! To make this costume more fun, I have decided to add a tutu to the bottom. Since its Halloween and what costume doesn't need a tutu right? I picked up some black tulle at the fabric store for a no sew tutu. These are quick and easy, the final outcome is perfect too.  All you need is black sunglasses and your look is well on its way! 

Step 1
Using an elastic, I measured my waist and sewed the elastic together, you can use string as well. This will create the band for our tutu. 

Step 2
Lay your tulle flat, it usually comes folded so be sure to keep it that way, it will be easier when cutting. You can fold your tulle a couple of times to speed up the process and cut more then one strip at at time. I'm using black tulle, but you can use this technique with any colour for any costume. 

Step 3
Using fabric scissors, cut long strips of tulle about two inches wide along the fold, that way when your tulle is folded you have two pieces. If you want a fuller tutu, cut off some tulle from the bottom so it is not so long. This will create a fuller look to the skirt. 

Step 4
Once all your strips of tulle have been cut, It is now time to attach it to the waist band. The no-sew technique is super easy. All you do is take your piece of tulle, under the waist band creating a hole to feed your tulle through around the elastic and pull. This will insure your tulle won't move or come off of your tutu. Continue this around the whole elastic and your tutu is complete. Heres a quick video showing you how I did it! 

Pulling It Together 
Adding the tutu onto top of the dress will give it a costume look, perfect for Halloween. Add your pearl necklace, create a bun with your hair and add your crown. Pull up those long satin gloves, light a cigarette and cover your eyes with big black shades. 
Total Audrey Look.

I am so happy with how this turned out, It is so easy and so cute! Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favourite movies, I love Audrey's attitude and style in the film. Let me know what you think in the comments, share or pin this look! I would love to hear your feedback xx 


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